IT Services

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Hardware Maintenance

Generally whatever electronic equipment you have in your office we can support. Even custom or specialist hardware no longer supported by others is within our scope. Call us to find out if we can maintain or repair your gear. Our team have a wide range of experience with more than just the average office PC.

Windows Assistance

Not double glazing I'm afraid, but if you're thinking of upgrading your office or are having difficulty re-structuring your network we can help. Software and hardware upgrades alike are regular tasks we undertake.

Internet assistance needed?

Email or browsing problems? Speed improvement needed or do you have connection problems? Our team are avid on-line gamers, so we understand matters such as latency and how this affects Internet service.


Can we help?

Once you've tried switching it off and on again, give us a call or send us an email to see if we can assist.

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