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Our engineers cover most forms of IT communications, network and media. Although seldom practiced these days, engineers fault find to component level, making the repair rather than replacement of older systems a practical alternative. Software solutions include many high level and machine code languages covering varied operating systems.

These days web design and creation are a core requirement for business. Hardware technical assistance is offered as standard to our bespoke clients. Web design services are provided at a personal level either by our in-house staff or specialist designers. Our bespoke designers work together with clients to provide the best possible service within the limitations of your budget. Our team have years of experience providing all of the business related services a small to medium sized business needs.

We "tell it how it is" and don't affiliate with specific individual hardware or software providers. The best and most cost effective options available are selected for our clients. Not all providers are the same, so when choosing hardware or third party services, care is taken to research and select the clients optimum choice.

Services, both technical and web, apply either to the beginner on a "Get you started" level, or to the more advanced users "Specialist Business Solutions."

Moreover, our rates are flexible and dependant on the task required.

We don't use cookies. All we collect is the information you MUST send to connect to any server. This information is used for anti-spam, security and visitor statistics. However some pages use Flash and Flash use LSOs. We don't like it, but that's Flash! If you don't like it, don't install Flash and ask us about non-Flash web sites.


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We resolve a mountain of technical issues from slow laptops to network connectivity. Find out how tech support can help you.

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